The tape measure was the unspoken bond passed from my fathers hand to mine, it was the first tool he had taught me to use unknowingly at 11 years old. Each line along the tape became a mark of trust that grew stronger with every number over the years. With his two feet planted firm on the ground he never questioned my numbers when shouting a cut length like "7' 6-11/16" to the long point of a 23-1/2º" from the valley of a rooftop. I have a habit of becoming overly attached to each one of my tape measures where 90% of the time it can be found clipped to my side and has become a target for jokes both in and outside of the shop. The truth is, the tape measure has become more of an object of reminder for me than anything, every day it reminds me of where I come from, where it has gotten me, and most importantly, who it was that got me there. I would give away my wallet before I gave away my tape measure.